Is fate fluid?

What if the Nazis and the Japs had won World War II?
What would that world be like?


Based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle gives a glimpse into an alternate history, in which America was divided into two states, one ruled by the Nazis, the other by the Japs.

In our daily life, we make decisions all the time, regardless how important or how trivial they might be. Often many of us would try to imagine or dream about a certain life event with an alternate outcome that’s different from this world we live in. What if I had chosen B instead of A? What would my life be like?

The Man in the High Castle is not just a story about an imaginary world, it’s concerned with a deeper philosophical issue.

Consider if there are other parallel universes out there where all the choices we made in this life played out completely differently, then would we still get to make our own choices? Wouldn’t our choices be predetermined in such universe? In other words, if all possible outcomes must happen, then there cannot be free will in all universes. Maybe in one, but not all.

Now, if the possibility of multiverse undermines the possibility of free will, then the important question we need ask ourselves is…how do we know which world we’re living in right now?


The Man in the High Castle provides some good insights into these questions if you’re interested in finding out. 😉

And…Season 3 is coming out this year! Can’t wait! (Hopefully soon. Release date is not yet set though.)

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