Drifting through the sea of life



The day we open our eyes,
we find ourselves surrounded by endless water.
Staring at the line of the unchanging horizon before us,
we wonder where the ocean ends.

All day we drift with the tides,
we never lose sight of moving water.
Floating on the wave with the bottomless ocean beneath us,
we question how it all makes sense.

Swimming through currents,
making friends in the sea,
some stay some drift away,
we wonder, “where have they gone”?

Searching for answers,
getting lost at the sea,
can’t dream can’t get away,
though survive yet for how long?

If I continue swimming towards the border,
will I see you on the other side?
If I dip my head under the water,
will I find out why people die?

Those seabirds hovering in the sky seem so free,
soaring into the air as they please.
Bob said they are chained to the sky
whilst the winds blow and blow.

Sometimes we thought we were all born free.
Solemn is the ocean full of risks.
See, we, too, are chained to the tide
whilst the waves flow and flow.

The silent water may seem calm,
a wind swell can form at any time.
When a sudden wave hits,
we know at any moment our life may cease.

A gust of wind sings in rhyme,
it seems to tell us we won’t be fine.
When we get caught in rips,
we hold on to the moment to fight our fears.

Watching the water slips off our hands,
we wonder what on earth is our aim.
Where do we come from? Where do we go?
Aren’t we meant to adapt and grow old?

Struggling with a dangerous breaking wave,
we watch the water takes our lives away.
Why are we here and why do we float?
Maybe we should relax and let go?

Peacefully floating,
discovering the sea of life,
day after day,
we move forward on the crest of the wave.

Effortlessly breathing,
listening to the oceans cry,
night after night,
we sink downwards into the trough of the wave.

Ocean in motion, the depth of the sea,
craving for control as a brutal wind blows past.
We try to grab hold of the water,
only to discover life itself is a wonder.

Human emotion, the death that we see,
learning to forgo while the precious time goes fast –
be crumbled by the hand of nature
or cling to life sadly with regrets in the future?

We arrive secretly as the sea bobbing up and down.
We depart abruptly on the day when we sink and drown.
The history repeats itself
as the wave comes and goes.

One day, when our time is up,
we all have to surrender and give up
on the ocean of life.
This is the story of our lives.




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