The Wall




Hard and cold
a solid fortification
Proud and bold
a peaceful demolition

The Iron Curtain
that split The East and The West
The country’s burden
a never-ending identity quest

You thought a wall
could suppress a desire for sovereignty
No, not at all
It increased the pressure of liberty

Feared and confused
the people shunted on both sides
freed and amused
the nation shared the same skies

A symbol of oppression
rose up quietly amid the silence
A barrier of desperation
torn down slowly just like a valance

Would you cross the line
if there’s an alternate history?
Or rather endure the time
of those years of misery?






This year, on 9th November 2019, will mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A wall that divided the nation, the city, the families and the loved ones from 1961 to 1989. But eventually, it had to come down as the Soviet Union was dissolved.

For better or worse? The present speaks.



One Reply to “The Wall”

  1. What a beautiful poem of a dark time in our past that was eventually overcome

    Walks do not keep the human sport in or the human spirit out.

    Humanity is about connection and freedom and will always in the triumph

    Symbolic today of the new wall or talk of a wall in the USA

    Theses walls will fall and become testaments to the failure of containment.

    We are born free. We die free. We should also live free

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