It’s a matter of time


At the unexpected moment our eyes met
we failed to talk
a second expanded into eternity

I heard a sound in the empty-air
tick-tock tick-tock
our hearts beat accordingly

I watched the movement of your lips
mumbling rambling
words with no rhyme

I coded a message with my hand
tipping tapping
“Now is the time.”




It’s a matter of time
I said
But what’s time?
you asked

Time is like a place
We walk from one point to another
We are walking clocks
Every step is measured
Past, present, future

Time is like a piece of music
being played from the beginning to the end
We are the notes that meet in between
We steal time through tempo rubato
but we have to return it as we go

Time is like a train
rushing into the present from the past
We are the passengers waiting on the platform
Though the train has to stop at some point
it swiftly hastens to the future soon as we board

Time is like water
slipping through our fingers
We are the patrons sitting at the bar
craving the Water of Life straight or as a mixture
like a wandering Jew feeling thirsty in the desert

Time is like a thief
sneaking away in the night
While we let a lucid dream
lingering and recurring in our waking mind
we forget to enjoy every moment of our life

Time is like the ocean
the waves come and go in circular motion
We gaze over the endless horizon
as we stand along the shoreline
wondering if the flow will pass a second time

It’s a matter of time
you said
till we meet again
I added





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