Maastricht, the Netherlands


Travelling through the cities of France and Belgium, made a brief stop at Brussels, the train finally reached its destination – Maastricht, a quiet city with a rich history, and the birthplace of the European Union.


While on a boat cruising along the Maas river, I took the opportunity to snap the city’s landmarks from afar.


Suddenly, half way through the river, the boat began to make a U-turn, ah, right, we’ve reached the invisible border of Belgium and the Netherlands, so the captain said.


Strolling through the streets without purpose, I arrived at a place that serves a divine purpose – a Roman catholic church dedicated to Saint Servatius.


Who is Saint Servatius? I wondered. Never mind, so I walked down the tiny steps inside this gigantic Roman catholic church, and there sit the tomb of Saint Servatius.


After a quiet hour searching for divine purpose, I left the church that built on the grave of the Saint and followed the narrow path backing onto the town’s main square, Vrijthof.

There I took a deep breath, left all the unsolved mysteries of life and death behind, and continued my journey through the narrow streets in this historical Dutch city.


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