All the lonely people


It’s another typical rainy day.

But that didn’t make me alter my plan. After breakfast, I jumped on the bus and headed to Woolton – a place that changed the world’s music history…

It’s wet and freezing cold here. My raincoat could only protect me from the rain but not the coldness. In fact, the rain made it even colder than it already was and my hands were like frozen ice pops.

“How ridiculous it is that the summer here is colder than the winter in Sydney!” I thought.

After a short walk, I arrived at the lychgate of St Peter’s church. There in front of me was the famous graveyard where “all the lonely people” were buried…


“Oh no…how am I gonna find their graves…especially in this crappy weather…” I murmured as I continued to shiver, “lucky I have an extra jacket in my backpack or I’d be frozen to death and be buried next to Eleanor Rigby or Father McKenzie…”

While I was clumsily putting on another jacket underneath my raincoat, I heard a voice behind me saying…

“I suppose you’re here to see John McKenzie’s grave…”

“Oh yes! Do you know where it is?” I turned around while zipping up my jacket.

The man then showed me the way.

“Here it is…and that one over there…is Eleanor Rigby’s. Come with me, I’ll show you…”




🎵🎶Eleanor Rigby, died in the church
And was buried along with her name
Nobody came
Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt
From his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved🎶🎵


St Peter’s church is not only a place where Paul found the inspiration for the song, it is also a place of great importance.

On 6 July 1957, John and Paul met for the first time here at St. Peter’s garden fete and from that moment onwards, the world’s never the same since.

Just as if John hadn’t met Yoko, Paul wouldn’t have written “Let it be” *…

If John and Paul hadn’t met each other there at St Peter’s, we wouldn’t have “Eleanor Rigby”, we wouldn’t even have the Beatles…






*Let it be (1970) was written and sung by Paul and it was the Beatles’ last single before the breakup of the band. Some suggested that the song’s actually about Paul’s frustration over John’s involvement with Yoko who, for decades, has been blamed for the breakup of the band.



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