The Ocean Spell




Mysterious and dangerous
Your unfathomable blue
has captivated my curious heart
When I fall into your deepness
sinking, struggling
I stop to doubt my emotions
and begin to feel the tension

Formless and endless
I have no clue
for why I am breathing hard
When I dive into your darkness
flowing, gliding
I fail to spot all the cautions
and focus only on my passion

Impressive and immersive
Enchanted by the view
my heart is pounding fast
When I look into your wildness
stroking, fondling
I feel the senses of attraction
Is that what you call affection?

Graceful yet powerful
you can be cruel
how long will this voyage last?
When I think upon your vastness
craving, desiring
I can’t escape from this obsession
until I reach the heart of my ocean…





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