So close and yet so far

A few weeks ago, while jogging through a park, from afar I saw a young couple standing apart staring out at the lake under the setting sun. They seemed so close and yet so far from each other as if there was something there that hindered them from connecting with one another.

The scene stirred up feelings of nostalgia from within me. At that moment, the tune of the Beatles’ “Yesterday” began to play in my head and continued to recur intermittently in the weeks followed. Inspired by the beautiful lyrics written by Sir Paul McCartney, I decided to write this poem.


all my troubles seemed so far away
as though they were fixed on to the shore across.
Though the water in front of us
is so clear and calm,
my vision of the future
becomes fuzzy and dim.
My troubles have been flowed back to me
by a wave of ruthless current formed in a dark and stormy night
while trying to pull me out towards the murky waters.
Oh, now I long for yesterday.

Standing on the shore
under the shadow of a tree
we stare out at the deep water
Who am I? I asked myself.
In front of us
the lake is as still as yesterday
the sun is shinning as bright as yesterday
but I am not the person I used to be.
Pondering upon the present in the light of the distant future
I feel a sense of loneliness hanging over me.
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Under the dazzling sun
I can see your face reflected in water
like your heart reflected in your eyes
I wonder what you are thinking right now
but I guess you wouldn’t say.
Your silence grows
like a wall rising between us
signifying to me that you need a place to hide away.
Remember the game we used to play?
The playful words we used to say?
Life was easy yesterday.

You seem so close yet so far
though now you are only a step away from me
I feel our hearts are miles apart
you whispered
“Do you believe in yesterday?”



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