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Our gracious neighbour

After a short peaceful cruise across Lake Manapouri, the boat slowly approached the shore of West Arm, trying its best to minimize the disturbance to the serenity embraced by the surrounding mountains. As the boat came to a standstill, the … Continue reading

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Is fate fluid?

What if the Nazis and the Japs had won World War II? What would that world be like? Based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle gives a glimpse into an alternate history, in … Continue reading

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God Help the Child

When you are watching a bad film, two hours feel like eternity; when you are reading a good book, a day is just too short. Compare to her earlier books, Toni Morrison adapted a more contemporary writing style in her … Continue reading

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Obedience & Authority

Is the next World War coming? …someone asked. In recent months, there seems to be conflicts everywhere across the world, from Gaza to Israel, Ukraine to Russia, Syria to Iraq, and to the rest of the world, even in the … Continue reading

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Plato the Cat

Last time I wrote a post about the second painting I did in my lifetime – Berkeley the Cat. This time I am going to talk about my very first painting, which is also the first painting in my feline … Continue reading

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An exceptional fun place to visit

The art gallery is a place where one can go as many times, for however long as one pleases and will never get bored by it. At least this is true for me. I cannot believe that the exhibition rooms … Continue reading

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Berkeley the Cat

This is the second painting I have created in my life time. (*There are a few muck around trials not counted.) The painting was completed in 2011 and I named it “Berkeley the Cat” as I was inspired by the … Continue reading

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