Generations: Stories of Hope & Resilience


“Generations: Stories of Hope & Resilience”, a photo exhibition by Compassion Australia.

Some of the photos in this exhibition bring back memories of my trip to Kenya two years ago witnessing the impacts of poverty on people, children in particular.

The quote written below 08 Tabitha (Solai, Kenya. Photographer: Ben Adams) gives a pretty good summary about the importance of the cause Compassion advocates. 🇰🇪

“Children are the most vulnerable to the devastation of poverty. Yet with the right support, they are able to change not just their own circumstances but the future of their families and generations to come.” 💕


Solving the poverty problem is not just about money, of course providing education and meeting basic needs are essential, but charity isn’t the answer, the real solution is…to give hope. Let the people know that they themselves are capable of breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. And as far as I know, Compassion has been doing so well in this aspect.



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