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An idea gone wrong?

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief I found this documentary very well done and is definitely worth watching. The film basically reveals how the misuse of knowledge can be so dangerous and destructive that a person’s idea could … Continue reading

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The whistleblower’s dilemma

What would I do if I were Edward Snowden? A question most of us might have asked ourselves after seeing this year’s Oscar-winning documentary – Citizenfour. The film begins with encrypted correspondences between the filmmaker Laura Poitras and Citizenfour, the … Continue reading

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Bring in the master but not the masterpiece

Like many people, I log in to my Facebook account every day spying on people and finding out what everyone is up to. This is one of my daily activities. Well, to be more accurate, when I said daily, I … Continue reading

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A fine line between genius and madness

Every now and then we would hear the name Yoko Ono, often we immediately think of John Lennon, Japan, War is Over, bed peace, art…or perhaps, annoyance, especially if you are a fan of music. Two weeks ago, the BBC … Continue reading

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The Quest of Beauty

Last weekend, I went to see a live beauty competition show – Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant – with two of my friends. I can’t say the show was fantastic, but it was definitely very interesting and entertaining. The 12 contestants … Continue reading

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The Truman Show

Many people dream of being a star capturing everyone’s attention. They would go to all sorts of live TV competitions like British’s Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, and all the alike. But have you ever imagined being born … Continue reading

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Vivid Sydney 2013

Vivid Sydney is a festival and an annual cultural event which uses combinations of colours, music and creative ideas to brighten up the city after dark. The city was lively, full of energy and vitality. The event inaugurated in 2009 … Continue reading

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