An idea gone wrong?

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief


I found this documentary very well done and is definitely worth watching.

The film basically reveals how the misuse of knowledge can be so dangerous and destructive that a person’s idea could go horribly wrong for decades, not only had it evolved into an absurd belief system, but also had the power to draw vulnerable individuals into joining such a secretive organisation which could potentially have their lives destroyed.

If you are wondering why the US government would recognize this cult as a tax-exempt religious organisation, and if you are wondering how any rational, intelligent person of sound mind would let him/herself get into this form of insanity, this is the film for you, though some details and stories could be disturbing, it at the time would give you an eye-opening look into the concept of religion, it would make you reflect upon your own religious beliefs, and how knowledge and faith are to be carefully and rationally utilised.

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