East-er egg originated in the West…or the East?

Egg is a symbol of birth.

In western Christian tradition, Easter is the day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Easter eggs are a reminder of this special event.

For those who might not know, there is also a tradition of giving eggs in the East, in the southern region of China.


Given China is famous for being a copy-cat in many things, from fake designer handbags to fake Disneyland, those of you who are quick to react might think that China, even in the custom of giving eggs, is following the footsteps of the West.

Well, actually, the cultural practice of eggs giving which I am talking about here does not take place on Easter, the rebirth of Christ, but on one’s birthday.

The eggs are given out to celebrate a child’s birth.

As you may know, Easter eggs are traditionally dyed red to symbolise the blood of Christ, interestingly enough, birthday eggs are also dyed red as a sign of joy in Chinese culture.

Traditionally speaking, when the newly born baby turns one month old, the parents will then hold a celebration inviting their relatives and friends to join and celebrate the birth of their child. The guests who come to the celebration will then receive a hard boiled red egg as a gift to take home.

Nowadays, this custom of giving birthday eggs is not as widely practised as in the past.

This Easter, you know something more about the East, there are Easter eggs here in the West, and so are there in the East.

Eggs are a reminder of everyone’s birthday, no matter whether you are white or yellow, saviour or sinners, one’s birth brings joy to the world!


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