A Nice Little Kindness in Winter


It is interesting to notice that when one’s health is not well, suddenly everyone around becomes health experts, and they are so eager to give advice to help improve your health.

Last week, I caught a cold and I have been coughing and sneezing and all those distressing symptoms along the line. Since the first day of my battle against the Wicked Kingdom of Bacteria and Viruses, I have received all sorts of advice from my strategists on how to fight this battle. Some advice seems quite interesting.

Here are three interesting pieces of advice from my cold-battling strategists:

Strategist 1 gave me some sachets of a type of Chinese herbal drink which is made from three different herbs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xia_Sang_Ju) ;
Strategist 2 advised me to sleep between 10pm and 2am as this period of time is when the deepest and the most regenerative sleep occurs and it is the best time for healing;
Strategist 3 advised me to avoid drinking coffee because it is diuretic and it would cause dehydration which is not the best idea when one is sick.


Due to limited space, I cannot list all the cold-battling advice I received from my strategists. I feel like I have become more knowledgeable because of my sickness.

Among all the advice which mostly related to drinks and food. The one on Hot Toddy is my favourite cold-battling strategy.

Hot Toddy
On the first two days of my battle, I coughed so much like I was about to cough my lungs out at any minute. My throat was extremely sore and for a few days, my voice was deep and sexy which made me sound like a man. One of my battle strategists Mr C advised me to make the following drink when I get home: a slice of lemon, honey, hot water, and. . . . . a shot of whiskey or vodka!

So that night after I got home, I indeed tried to make one to drink. Yes, for the sake of my health. I must say it is a very nice winter drink especially in terms of relieving the symptoms of the cold and flu. The shot of alcohol in particular is a very nice finishing touch of the drink as it soothes the throat just like what menthol does in those throat lozenges. As for lemon, as we all know, it is beneficial to one’s health in many ways as it contains a great deal of vitamin C and other useful substances, on the other hand, honey is known to many as a natural treatment to relieve a cough and reduce irritation in throat. Lastly, warm/hot water not only makes it a lovely winter drink, but also helps sooth the throat and prevent dehydration.

There is no doubt a hot toddy is a nice little kindness for those brave warriors who are fighting the battle against the cold and flu in the merciless winter.


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