The Mighty Role of Laziness

Living in big cities where most apartments are tiny, you don’t get much room to store your goods, it is very important to keep your goods tidy and in place, so you can get more spare room to store more stuff. For instance, folding clothes is such an important part of life when living in a tiny place.

Many years ago, when I was still living with my parents, my mum often asked me to help her fold our clothes. I did not like doing it because there was always a huge load of clothes to fold and it would take hours to get them done. Thankfully, the internet was already invented. So I searched for efficient ways to fold clothes. And I found a video on how the Japanese fold their clothes.

Today, I tried to look it up on YouTube, thankfully someone had re-uploaded the video which was filmed many years ago as I remembered.

What triggered my recollection of this clothes folding video was an article which I recently came across while I was…again…cultivating the art of procrastination, the article was about the latest invention on the convenience food market – the so-called “Dippy Egg”.

I think the idea of the “Dippy Egg” is brilliant and not so “dippy” after all as I like eating soft eggs but often I am too lazy to boil an egg myself, and even if I do, the egg is often overcooked rather than soft. With the “Dippy Egg”, all you need to do is to pour in boiling water into a cup with a “Dippy Egg”, which is a pre-cooked egg, and let it warm up for a few minutes, and then it’s ready to eat. Easy-peasy. Just like having cup noodles.

“Dippy Egg” is British invention. I hope it will become popular and that companies here in the land down under will soon follow, then I will be able to take advantage of this laziness.

In my opinion, I think sometimes laziness can lead to creativity. In the personal dimension, often it can spark up ideas to solve trivial matters, just to make your daily life easier and more convenient, but in a broader sense, if you are lucky, sometimes it could lead to large-scale inventions which may lead to business opportunities.

Creativity can be cultivated and expressed through many different channels, such as art, music, literature, etc. I believe also through the crafty channel of laziness.

This is my theory on the connection between laziness and creativity:

When you are lazy, you are relaxed and without pressure, your mind is on the loose and is open to imagination. And when you begin to enjoy this relaxing moment and indulge in the joy of thinking freely, you do not want to lose this precious time of being lazy. This is when creative ideas start to flow. Ideas which help expand this precious relaxing time.

Regardless of the scale of the creativity expressed, the lazy-creative principle is:

“creating maximum convenience by providing minimum effort”.

Here is one clever design which I would love to have one.

However, as I said earlier that laziness often sparks up ideas to solve trivial personal matters, so that you can enjoy the time of being lazy.

The only thing is…when this surge of creativity does emerge, you had better ensure there are no cameras around, or you would become internet hit.

Just like these “creative-lazy” people, whom I would call in the contracted form –
“cra-zy” people.


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