A Pain in the Neck

Is technology for us…or against us?

Lately I have been having a sore and stiff neck. My guess is that I have been sitting in front of the computer too often and for too long each time. I can’t blame on my work because in the office I don’t just sit in front of the computer and type for the whole day, as I am required to get up and move around to do different types of things. So the desktop at work is definitely not the prime suspect for the crime of this neck assault.

The prime suspects are: my laptop and my smartphone.

As with my laptop, particularly due to blogging, I would sit at a coffee shop with a cup of coffee in my hand (of course!) while surfing on the net and typing on the keyboard with the same sitting posture for 2 to 3 hours. Or at home, doing the same sort of things except that I would have a glass on wine in my hand instead of coffee.

As with my smartphone, although I do use it every day, I think my addiction to my phone is not as serious compared to most people I see every day. From the time I get on the bus in the morning heading to work; at my workplace; lunch time walking down the streets and at the shops and restaurants; after work travelling back on the bus; perhaps stopping by a coffee shop before going home – I would say everywhere I go, I see people playing with their phones. People just seem never look up nowadays.


Apparently, there is a term called “text neck”. According to Florida chiropractor Dean L. Fishman D.C. who coined the phrase,

“text neck” defined as:

“an overuse syndrome involving the head, neck and shoulders, usually resulting from excessive strain on the spine from looking in a forward and downward position at any hand held mobile device, i.e., mobile phone, video game unit, computer, mp3 player, e-reader. This can cause headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, breathing compromise, and much more.”
Source: text neck

An adult human head weights about 8 to 12 pounds (3.6kg to 5.4kg). Let alone all the subsequent health problems not counted, imagine how much extra weight it would add to your upper vertebrae by holding your head forward for a fixed amount of time?

In the age of technology, smartphones are getting “smarter”, mobile phones are not only used for calling and texting, but also for Facebook and Twitter status updates, browsing through websites, watching videos, reading magazines and newspapers, and, last but not least, playing games! And perhaps with everything you could think of, there is always an app for it.

This raises a question whether contemporary technology such as smartphones are actually improving our life with convenience? Or deteriorating the human race by creating more health problems?


Well…there are always two sides of the same coin. Balance is the key to almost everything.

Now, stop looking down at your phone all the time. Try to hold your head high up like this guy.

obama    Take a deep breath and enjoy the blue sky.


By the way, I just think of another suspect of my neck pain. It is my lack of sleep. Because of that, my head has been tilting down while I was falling asleep on the bus recently.

Speaking of sleep, it is time to go to bed. Good night.

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