An exceptional fun place to visit

The art gallery is a place where one can go as many times, for however long as one pleases and will never get bored by it. At least this is true for me.

I cannot believe that the exhibition rooms were quite empty even on a Sunday afternoon. I felt like it was prepared for my private visit.

I really enjoy looking at paintings and drawings, but somehow I am not so into contemporary art. Looking is probably not the right word, I think what I meant was that I enjoy “reading” a painting. I would stand very close to a painting with my nose almost touches the surface so as to see how the strokes were placed on the board. After a close examination, I would then step back and see how amazing every stroke contributes to the entire picture as a whole. I found this experience fascinating because quite often when you look at a painting within a short distance, all you can see are some random strokes and mixture of colours and you would not expect that it would turn out to be an amazing picture. This painting named Margaret Olley is a good example.


The other fun thing I like to do when reading a painting is to guess the emotions or the message that the artist was trying to express or to deliver to the viewers by reading the details that are presented in the picture, such as the choice of objects and characters and their the facial expressions, etc. In my opinion, the art of painting or drawing is like the art of writing except that you tell your story with a picture. For me as the viewer, reading a painting is as rich and joyful as reading a book.

There are hundreds of collections in an art gallery, of course one cannot read all of them in one visit. That is why I said at the beginning that the art gallery is a place where one can go as many times as one pleases because you will have different experience on each time of your visit even by reading the same paintings.

Trust me. It is a place more fun than an amusement park once you discover the joy of it reading paintings.

I do not like taking too many pictures in the art gallery except when I see the ones which I am most impressed by of the day. I enjoy visual experience through my bare eyes rather than through the tiny screen of my camera.

The selections below are the ones which caught my eyes this time of my visit.



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