The Mystery of Bananas – Conversation I & II

In the past few months, I had been eating a banana as breakfast every day for quite some time, but not anymore.

Since March until now, I encountered 6 random conversations related to bananas with 5 people respectively on different occasions.

Conversation I & II
One day when I was having my usual breakfast – a banana – Miss J said to me that I was not supposed to eat a banana on an empty stomach. So I asked her why, but she could not explain, so of course I did not listen to her as I thought it was just one of those myths – like when my mum told me when I was little that my eyes would pop out if I ate too much instant noodles, which no doubt was a made-up story by an imaginative mother who did not want her child to eat too much unhealthy food and decided to scare her off instead. So I explained to Miss J that the reason why I ate a banana in the morning was in preparation for the most important wake-up drink of the day – COFFEE – as I did not want to drink coffee on an empty stomach because caffeine is a stimulant that would hurt your stomach undoubtedly.

So, I continued to eat a banana for breakfast…as preparation for my coffee of the day.

Until…I encountered Conversation II with Mrs W, who also advised me not to eat bananas on an empty stomach, when she saw me eating my daily banana. So this time I was alert as it was the second time I was told of this myth.

For my beloved stomach’s sake, of which does not want to disappoint all its fans by failing its functions as a stomach, I ,as its owner, decided to do some research on its enemy – bananas. I was determined to find out why one is not supposed to eat bananas on empty stomach.

Here is the scientific explanation for this myth, well, I meant fact.

When you are hungry, your stomach is empty, and there is nearly no food in the stomach that can be digested. And if at this time you eat bananas, the high-level content of potassium in bananas will increase its ratio in your blood and that will speed up the stomach’s movement as well as blood circulation which would increase the heart load and that would cause serious problems with your heart.

Now…imagine what it will do to your heart if you eat bananas on an empty stomach every day.

banana heart isolated on white

Stay tuned for Conversation III to VI for The Mystery of Bananas.

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