Dumb Ways to Die

I came across this video when I was procrastinating at work today.

It is an animated public service announcement that is part of Melbourne Metro Trains’s campaign for rail safety.

I really love the good sense of humour and the psychological approach of this ad. Nowadays if you search on YouTube or just browse on the web, you will find all sorts of dumb things people engage with, they film themselves and share with the world. One good example is a recent video about a girl jumping off the roof into a pool – missed it and broke both of her feet – and the video went viral on the internet soon after.

Of course some people aren’t scared of dying, but I suppose they also most likely don’t want their friends to think they are stupid. I think, especially for kids, the way this video prodding people into becoming aware of the rail safety by sarcasm would really work to some extent.

Indeed, everybody would agree as the lyric suggested that “there are so many dumb ways to die”…and…by the way, I also didn’t know that you are not supposed to “Get your toast out with a fork” (from a toaster).

The colourful little characters with funny movements, pleasant melody with catchy lyrics combined with a good sense of humour, that is how the ad gets its over 50 million views on YouTube.

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