Step 1 – putting away the mess

Since I am now moving to a new web hosting server, I decided to build my webpage from scratch. Well, I meant in terms of content at this stage as I don’t know how to change the graphics and the layout of the overall design of the webpage yet.

So. Content.

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on my website. So I tried to brainstorm the things that interest me, and I ended up with a long list. From food to Plato, from karate to Ellen Degeneres, from music to Spongebob Squarepants, from coffee to language…etc. Naaaah…this is not going to work as I don’t want my website to end up looking like a messy bedroom with unrelated stuffs everywhere all over the place.

And so…this is when my instinct comes in…which is to organise my thoughts in order like the way I arrange the things in my draws and in the kitchen cupboards. The idea is to sort them out by similarity and pack them up into groups. Then, it became easier. I came up with a new list. A list of verbs which define the topics I am interested in writing about.

Although my ideas are still pretty much all over the place, at least they are now put away behind closed doors.

This process of organising my webpage reminds me of an interior design video which I came across recently on youtube.


By the way, I think the design of the dining table and the guest bedroom is really amazing!

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